Services and Projects

Ibis Wildlife Consulting provides the following services:

Ecological Writing
Write stories about wildlife, woods, water and people. Create interpretive and ecological information for trail brochures, newsletters, kiosks, websites, and other educational and outreach materials. Conduct literature reviews and other research for technical documents for state and federal agencies, and other entities.

Sample projects include:

Project Management: Wildlife Habitat, Invasive Plants (Mechanical Removal), Trails
Assist with implementing on-the-ground habitat management, such as invasive plant control, native plantings, clearing and maintaining habitat openings, trails projects

  • Durham Land Stewardship Coordinator (February 2017 to present)
  • Oyster River Forest, Durham, NH: invasive removal, native shrub planting, trail improvements

Wildlife Habitat and Land Stewardship Plans
Prepare wildlife habitat plans for public and private landowners of all sizes. Plans include an ecological assessment of the property and recommendations for wildlife habitat management and other landowner objectives, including trails, public access, nature interpretation. Plans include information and maps describing landscape setting, wetlands and waters, topography and soils, habitats and natural communities, existing trails and access, cultural features.

Sample projects include:

Open Space and Regional Conservation Plans

Prepare open space plans for communities, land trusts, and other entities. Plan includes an assessment of purposes of open space, benefits of open space, community support for open space, natural resource inventory, compilation of existing open spaces, priorities for future conservation, tools for open space conservation, and recommendations for education and stewardship, land conservation, and land use planning.

Sample projects include: